Smart Citizens change the world

We use technology to connect citizens and promote their participation in developing sustainable cities.

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Who are we?

We are a team committed to bringing the citizen to the center of the technological revolution in smart cities.

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What we do?

We imagine, design and develop technologies applicable to the urban environment, with a focus on the citizen and the evolution of the life experience in cities.

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Our Projects


AMA – Environment Agents Has as its objective to create, via mobile app and web platform, the environmental green identity of each resident, map public service infrastructure and mobilize a network of agents that can be compensated by private businesses.(cashback points system) for executing small environmental services and recycling of products from their own consumption.
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and Development
of Technological


We comprehend cities, and map problems.


In partnership with our customers, we design solutions to help get answers.


We have our own team of interface, database and mobile developers.


Customized marketing campaigns with direct impact on communities.

Olho-Vivo (Smart Eye) A system with mobile app and web platform that allows creation of service orders tagged to projects, that geo-tracks service execution. It works in off-line mode and orients workers on the execution of jobs and allows for detailed reporting. The system includes personalized reports in which information and be consulted or consolidated at any moment. Executed services stay in the database, with GPS info, geo-tagged pictures, text and audio notes, start and finish times among others.

olho vivo
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  • Bruno Filgueira 2434, Bigorrilho, Curitiba-PR